… In which our novice blogger contemplates the innumerable possibilities of introducing herself; the conundrum of whether to incorporate or omit the dubious ‘OMG this is my first ever blog post LOL’; other matters…

I’m Helen and I’m a 20 year old English and Philosophy Student. Since removing myself from the world of social media, I’ve been trying to find a creative outlet to fill all of this spare time I suddenly have.

I know, she thought, let’s join a newspaper. I thought I’d write online for the Tab but it didn’t really work out. I ended up writing the world’s naffest article on the incredibly original subject of the walk of shame. The research for this somehow escalated into me and my best friend getting drunk at 9 o clock in the morning and going into McDonald’s with neon green UV paint all over our grinning, goofy faces. I decided to scrap this. Then, after not actually submitting anything for two weeks I was hilariously awarded a cream egg for being the Tab’s most ‘illusive writer’ at their end of term meal.

I am more optimistic about this blog. Instead of writing about cool, edgy-type things us students are supposed to be interested in, like walks of shame (which I couldn’t really comment on anyway if I’m honest, the one time I did a kind of walk of shame was when I was 15 and my sandal strap snapped the morning I was walking home after staying at my friend’s. I did get one evil eye from a neighbor washing his car but overall it wasn’t too bad, one nice lady even wished me a good morning. I can’t see what all the fuss is about), I will probably be writing about things I’m reading, literature, really bad word jokes and what it’s actually like to be a student: the ever oppressing plight of paying to print out your work. Less one night stands, more book stands.